Clipping Path Service

Either simple or complex for multiple paths in one image.

Image manipulation

Including full Photoshop clipping path service and ghost mannequin editing.

Photo studio

We also have a fully equipped professional photo studio.


All our editors benefit from our in-house tutoring programme.

Here at CamEditing we specialize in the following high quality image manipulation services:

Clipping Path Service, either simple or complex for multiple paths in one image. Image manipulation in Photoshop, including full Photoshop clipping path service and ghost mannequin editing.

  • Creating natural drop shadows or reflections .
  • High quality image retouching services and photo restoration.
  • Image masking including layer and alpha channel masks.
  • Image resizing and any other image manipulation or modification you may need.

If you have other specific questions about any of your editing needs, don´t hesitate to contact us.

All our editors benefit from our in-house tutoring programme. Knowledge is all about sharing and we want all our editors to be able to make the most complex image editing tasks as well as being able to handle large amounts of images and keep doing a perfect job every time.

We´re also working on starting an education fund for all our employees so that all of them will be able to get a complete graphics education and hopefully, in the future we will be able to provide them with any education of their choice to best utilise each persons individual skills, whether it´s graphic design, economics, or even managerial skills.

Our mission is to return jobs to you at the highest quality at a low cost, completely risk free and to ensure that we always have the best suited, most devoted editors on our staff to help you and your business prosper.

We also want to give our staff an opportunity of building a better future through our tutoring programmes and the possibilities of promotion within the company.

In Cambodia we have closed for holidays the following dates:

  • 13-18 April, The Cambodian new year
  • 1-2 May, International labor day
  • 6 May, Royal Ploughining Cermony
  • 13-15 May, His majesty Norodom Sihamoni's Birthday
  • 1 June, International childrens day
  • 18 June, Her majesty Norodom Monineath Sihanouks Birthday

If you need editing those dates please inform us in advance so that we can tell our staff that they need to work on the holidays.

Low cost

We at CamEditing have a mission to offer you, our client, the best quality and price on all our photo editing jobs.


All jobs are different and we approach them all individually and assign them to the editor, best suited for the job, specialised in that type of editing.


We all love photography and photo-editing, we do this not only as a job but this is our passion and we want all of our clients to see that in our work.

Build a better future

Not only do we work hard in our company, but we also have a tutoring programme where we teach new personnel, to allow them to build a future and get a profession.

$ 0.39 Per photo

Clipping Path

  • Start at 0.39 dollar per photo for simple clipping path
  • Fast return
  • Professional clipping path
  • We deliver .psd files
$ 1.50 per photo


  • Start at 1.50 dollar depend on amount of work needed
  • Alpha masking
  • Transparency masking
  • Colour masking
$ 2.00 per photo

Portrait editing

  • Start at 2 dollar per photo, depend on amount of work wanted
  • Professional editing
  • Sharpening
  • Spots and blemish removal
  • Colour correction
  • Highlight & Shadow correction
  • Remove unwanted glares, saliva, snoot and more
$ Request Per request

Advanced photo-editing

  • Large amount of photos
  • Advanced photo manipulation
  • Monthly quantities
  • Express editing