Simple clipping path

When you just want to get rid of a disturbing background and put full focus on your product with full freedom concerning your layout.

Clipping path with a drop shadow

When you want to add a natural feeling and weight to your product and make it stand out.

Clipping path with mirror effect

When you want to combine the simple clipping path with a little bit of flair, we´ll be happy to help you.

Clipping path with transparency masking

A great combination if you want to place your transparent products in different environments.

Ghost mannequin manipulation

The best way to show your clothes in the web-shop. Remember we can also help you with the actual photography.

Alpha masking

When you need your portraits cut out from the background we can help you, using a mix of pen-tool and alpha masking.

Colour masking

When you need to show your products in several different colours, or just want to see what it would look like, send your images to us.

Scanning, restoration and retouching

If your images have been damaged, either by damp, mould or just worn out from old age we can help you restore them.


We deliver files as layered PSD to you as a client, this way you do have access to do any changes you wish.


We have individual approach to all our clients to edit the photos just the way you like them to look.


All of us at CamEditing lives photography and we do all our work with passion to the final image.

By using our services

You directly support our brand of impact-sourcing where we try to build a better future for the Khmer workforce.


We provide you with top quality work within the specified time. After the editing is finished, we send you a preview of your images for approval. If you are satisfied with our work you pay our invoice and we send you the full size images. Should you not be satisfied with the result of a particular image after checking the preview images just let us know, we correct or modify the job with top priority. You can always contact us with your wishes and demands and we won´t quit until you´re satisfied, thus guaranteeing a perfect result every time.

Many of our editors have special skills in different kinds of editing. We always make sure to pair your job with the best suited editors. This dedication from CamEditing makes it safe and risk free to work with us. It´s like having your very own inhouse editors. For organisations that require regular work, large or small, we can offer a monthly payment plan so you don´t have to bother with separate invoices for every job. It´s our goal to facilitate your editing needs as much as possible to build a good, long term relationship.


  • High quality
  • Low prices
  • Risk free
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Secure handling of your images
  • Friendly treatment
  • Custom made payment plans
  • Fair conditions of employment