Payment is made with all of the standard credit cards over a secure gateway. Before the payment we will send you low-resolution preview photos of our work and when you have accepted our work and paid, the high resolution photos will be sent directly.

Yes, we do have such an arrangement with our bigger clients. After an obligatory credit check we sign a contract with you for monthly billing to your company to facilitate your payments.

Yes, we guarantee our clients 100% satisfaction on our job and we will redo the job until you are pleased. You as a client are always a VIP, no matter if you only send us 1 photo or 1000. You are still important to us and we will do all we can to make you happy with our work with out any extra costs.

If you have a big need of many 1000 photos to get edited we can manage it, we just need to know when you need them and also what type of jobs you need on the photos. We also offer a special discount to the companies that have big quantities of photos sent to us continuously. This will be given up on request and we will set up a contract with monthly payments.

We can deliver all the major formats that you might wish, the most common are jpg, psd, gif, and tif, all depending your needs. We can also prepare the photos specially for websites, and the sizes you need so they are optimised for internet usage.

Right now the best way is to send them with dropbox, or to our FTP if you have a large amount, and then send us an email with the photos corresponding numbers and what you like us to do with the photos. We will then download them and edit for you. If you need to send to our FTP please register your company with us and we set up a FTP account for you to download to.

We are also, right now, working on a system where you will be able to upload the photos directly to us from your login on this site, attach the instructions on what type of editing you want, calculate the cost, and preview finished photos, and when you accept the photos, do the payment and get access to download the full size photos.

You can go to the registration page and register the business, but you will not get access until we have accepted the registration, this normally happens within 24 hours.

If you need us to accept your application right away, please send us a mail directly after you registered and we will look at it firsthand. Please give us 15 minutes for the administering during our business hours in Cambodia.

We accept all standard files from major camera brands, we can work with RAW files to optimise the images as much as possible for you. We do have a limit right now and can not receive files larger than 100MB due to the systems limitation, but we are working on that right now to be able to accept bigger if needed. If you have bigger files, please contact us and we will make arrangements with a FTP account to upload files to.

Faced a Problem?

We will gladly help you! If you don't find your answers here, just send us a mail and we will answer as soon as we can.